Why your vote is not wasted if you vote for a minor party?

How to have two, three or even more votes

The major parties have lied to you in the past and will do so again claiming that "a vote for a minor party or an independent is a wasted vote".

The truth is the exact opposite.

When you vote for a candidate who is unsuccessful in getting enough votes to be elected, your vote at full value passes to the candidate you have put second on your ballot paper. If that candidate is unsuccessful then your vote, still at full value passes to the one you marked third on your ballot paper.

Suppose you marked your ballot paper like this:

Stop Population Growth Now  1
Greens 2
No Pokies 3
National Party 4
Liberal party 5
... 6
... 7

Suppose the Stop Population Growth Now candidate did not get enough votes to be elected, your vote then passes to The Greens. If The Green candidate also does not get elected, your vote passes to the No Pokies candidate and so on. Your vote may eventually elect the Liberal candidate.

But note this: The Liberal candidate gets a strong message that he or she was only the fifth choice of a large number of voters who would have preferred to have elected a candidate who would stop population growth.

So rather than being a wasted vote as the Liberals and Labor will try and tell you, a vote for STOP POPULATION GROWTH NOW sends a very strong message to the candidate who is eventually elected.

That message is that you want population growth stopped.
There is no more effective way of sending this message to a politician.

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