*********** Last updated 19-8-2019 **********


This is the web site of the Stop Population Growth Now Party, a body of Australians seeking to reduce Australia's population growth to zero as a matter of urgency.

Government policy is adding over a million to Australia's population every three years. This is damaging the quality of life of all Australians and greatly reducing the prospects for our children.

This highest ever growth rate is a direct result of government policy.

Recent polls show that a majority of Australians do not support this government caused, rapid population growth. Most Australians believe that our population growth should be stopped while we work out how Australia can cope with changing climate, diminishing supplies of water and most non-renewable resources, city congestion, loss of arable land to city expansion and loss of Australia's unique flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, there is no point in these Australians voting for any of the established parties. Labor and the Coalition favour population growth. The Greens have a very weak and ambivalent position (read more). None will make this an election issue.

Stop Population Growth Now will remedy this situation, by aiming to run candidates in every state, at all levels of Government. Stop Population Growth Now has a single objective - to bring population growth down as rapidly as possible, by giving you the voter the right to vote on this most important issue.

Stop Population Growth Now has already achieved registration as a South Australian political party. However, we need more members to enable us to be recognised federally.

More information on our Facebook page (Stop Population Growth Now).

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